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Kodak Professional Endura papers are multi-layer color papers processed in RA4 chemistry that provide state-of-the-art image stability, thanks to imaging science advances from Kodak. These technologies offer image stability of more than 100 years before noticeable fading occurs in the typical home display, and more than 200 years before fading occurs in dark storage conditions.

In 1997, Kodak patented 2,5-diacylaminophenol couplers, which provided excellent thermal stability combined with desirable color hue. These couplers were incorporated into the Kodak photographic paper in 1999. These couplers have been significantly improved for use in Kodak Professionalís Endura family of papers. The papers based on these couplers all have thermal stability that is significantly better than any other color photographic paper.
This exceptional image stability gives us a strong advantage with customers particularly wedding, portrait or fine art clients who want to keep their photographs as heirlooms for generations.


for up to 200 Years

HD Photo Lab or Bullock Professional
for Kodak Endura qualities.
(E Surface and Metallic pro paper)

There are distinct advantages of printing images on traditional photographic paper that's long-lasting and delivers appealing, accurate color.

Specific Kodak Endura paper benefits:

  • Proprietary dual layer coupler blending technology for excellent image quality

  • Excellent flesh reproduction

  • Softer, smoother flesh reproduction from highlights to shadows

  • Excellent color accuracy

  • Endura silver halide prints are developed by a professional laboratory insuring critical process controls

  • Improved color saturation

  • Brighter blues, cyan, purples and reds

Endura paper is able to deliver photographs that meet your quality expectations today, as well as hold their historical value tomorrow.  Each print made on Endura paper supports an increased color gamut that provides greater detail from highlights to shadows and softer, smoother flesh tone reproduction. The increased color gamut also means our clients' prints have a wider range of colors and hues represented in their images while yielding consistent image quality, whether the image was captured on film or digitally.


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