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YOU DEMAND QUALITY PHOTOGRAPHS from professional images.

Kodak Endura real photo papers are designed to deliver exceptional performance for between 100 and 200 years. 

Your prints and displays, wherever they appear, should consistently reflect the unique professionalism professional photographers capture in their digital cameras. Make sure that the photographs you use or specify enhance your quality and reputation.

The wide range of KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Media offers a variety of versatile photographic products to meet your needs. This award-winning silver-halide media has set the standard by which output materials are judged. They offer you amazing quality, unsurpassed longevity, and exceptional
durability a winning combination. Not only can you expect great results, but also you can be confident that your professional's creativity and quality will last.

"The Critical Balance of Light and Thermal Stability"
Kodak Endura Longevity White Paper

Exceptional performance. With ENDURA PHOTO paper media, there are no tradeoffs. They meet the most stringent requirements color vibrancy, longevity, durability, neutral reproduction, and intense
black reproduction. The portfolio of ENDURA Media delivers durable continuous-tone photographic output for a range of applications, from portraits to backlit commercial displays.

Quality Defined.  Standards for Kodak Endura media quality are the same as those that have made Kodak a leader in photographic products for over 100 years. Kodak doesn't just look at one set of features they build products to excel in professional printing applications:  high performance, image stability, rich color, outstanding reproduction, and post-process treatments to name just a few.

Reliability. Kodak Professional ENDURA photo paper and media goes through rigorous testing:

  • Physical characteristics
  • Exposure parameters
  • Stability and robustness taking into account multiple
    environmental characteristics, not just one
  • Ease of use, both in the production process within the
    professional lab and in many post-exposure finishing

Technical Details

Kodak Endura photo paper represents the ultimate quality skin tones.


  • State-of-the-art print-life longevity*
  • 100 years in typical home display
  • 200 years in typical dark storage
    (ex: Real Photo Books)
  • Wide color gamut
  • Soft, smooth, realistic flesh-tone reproduction
  • Rich, bright color saturation
  • Intense blacks
  • Enhanced detail from highlights to shadows


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